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Free Spirited Teens

Teens who think for them-selves

Self-Made Teens
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This is a community for teenagers (guys and girls) who don't fit the norm. Talk about your frustration with clicks, gossip, and close-minded people. Give tips about anything from maintianing dreadlocks, canning fruit, writting essays, driving standard cars, talking to parents, or meditating. I (Nika) created this community because I want to bring other independent, open-minded, radicle and loving teenagers together! Because this is a place to escape the Hollywood-esque world, I'd appreciate that no nasty things be said. While I'm not going to kick anyone out (or hope I dont have to) I'd rather not have to ask people to leave. Be friendly. Thanks!

This community has taken on a strong "alternative education" intrest, which is great. But dont feel limited by that. Write about anything. I'd love to have poetry, writing and art shared here.

*note- I'm not sure exactly whose going to join this community, so if you have specific intrests you think should be added, let me know! During your opening post, we'd appreciate it if you'd leave a final line of intrests.

ex: oh, and I like parrots, chic-flicks, rock climbing, tofu, organic vegetables, and heavy metal music

If you do that, I'll try to add them to our intrest list so we can diversify
Much love and welcome!